3 Facts That Will Change the Way You Approach a Skoda

Today, Skoda is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, with a stellar reputation for providing excellent value for your money. This third oldest car manufacturer makes a sale of over one million units all over the world each year. If you are looking for a Skoda for sale Brisbane unit, here are three facts that will change how you view this car.

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The car brand is famous for packing many clever features into its units, making them a pure joy on the road. However, did you know that the manufacturer started off making bicycles, graduated to motorcycles, and then cars? Even as you look for cheap cars for sale in Brisbane, keep a mental note that the Skoda offers much more than you see!

The winged arrow logo

There were several versions of the Skoda logo before the current one, but the iconic winged arrow is thought to have come from Tomas Maglic. A picture of a Native American hanging in Skoda’s management office in Plzen, Czech in 1918 may have been the main inspiration behind the logo.

The first version of the winged arrow was used in 1924 through 1925, and had a five-feathered wing within a circle with the letters ‘SKODA.’ The second variation had a three-feathered winged arrow within the circle and is still in use from 1926 to today.

The most expensive Skoda is a cake!

One thing many people don’t know is that the most expensive production by the manufacturer was not an actual car! Since its manufacture of the first car, Skoda has released many great vehicles with plenty of nifty features, and available at cars for sale Bowen and Brisbane yards. However, the most expensive model was actually a cake – something you won’t find at any Skoda for sale Brisbane yard.

In total, the cake cost AU$925,000 (£500,000) to put together, easily surpassing the most expensive car by the manufacturer – the Skoda Superb. The cake was for a successful advertisement that ran on UK TVs in May 2007. The ad was so successful that 37,000 people visited the Skoda Fabia site in two weeks, and more than 260,000 viewed it via YouTube – making the ad the most successful campaign ever run by Skoda.

17 consecutive years as rally winner

During the late 1970s, the Skoda 130R and 110R were the most popular models for rally drivers. In the 1980s, anyone wanting a Skoda had the option of specifying what sport package he or she wanted in their car from a local dealer. The fascination with the 130R and 110R models did not end there as they are still favorites for many racers today.

Skoda’s involvement with the racing world has always been there from the beginning, and some of the rally favorites are models with RWD engines. So, you might run into one or two classic car rally enthusiasts at cars for sales Brisbane market offers. The Skoda 130LR Estelle has won in the classic rally cars category of the Roger Albert Clark (RAC) Rally for 17 years in a row.

As you look through Skoda for sale Brisbane ads, you will find that the manufacturer has resurrected several model names, including Rapid, Octavia, and Superb. Get in touch with Brisbane City Automotive for a full range of Skoda vehicles.

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