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Inclusions of Coal Board Medicals and How to Increase Compliance from Miners

Health assessments are necessary prior to employment. Especially in the mining industry, workers are more exposed to more harmful environmental elements; hence, the need to conduct tests regularly. And as a business owner, it’s probably in your mind to avail of this test without going way above your budget. Well, here’s the good news! Coal board medical cost could depend on the package and frequency of exam. This means all you need to do is plan and prioritise the health tests to give.

What are the tests included in a Coal Board Medical?

When it comes to prioritising health tests, it would be wise to seek guidance from a professional workplace health consultant. This will ensure that your workers will get the best from the healthcare service you’ve invested on them. Specifically, the following are the important ones to have the miners undergo:

  1. Chest X-ray and respiratory Test – to ensure that the employees can survive underground and surface level air or temperature conditions
  2. Hearing and Vision Test – to ensure miners will be able to see and hear their surroundings and call for help should emergencies happen
  3. Skin Exam – to see how their exposure to environmental conditions affect their skin
  4. Cardiovascular System Exam
  5. Urinalysis
  6. Musculoskeletal System Exam
  7. Abdomen Examination

With these tests, you can determine the overall fitness level of the miners. The results will also allow you to create an on-going health care plan for them that will address their needs accordingly. Although the on-going exams might mean additional coal board medical cost, it’s still worth considering as it prevents work-related health concerns.

How to increase compliance from miners for on-going health assessments?

Conducting regular health checks for your miners is also legally mandated. And to maximise your healthcare initiative for the team, your team must be able to meet you halfway. Their compliance is the other half of this project’s success. Here’s how to encourage them to get involved proactively and maximize the coal board medical cost you’ve invested:

  1. Raise the awareness of miners
  2. Emphasize the legal and professional implications of non-compliance
  3. Split the cost, subsidise a portion of the expense, or make it free
  4. Include it in your business process and employment contract

The services of coal mining consultants QLD firms offer, such as Resile, can greatly contribute to the sustainability of your mining operations. Remember, this industry emphasises security and health for miners, especially those in the field. And the best thing that you can do to keep your site operational is to ensure that your team is fit to work.

Ultimately, mining site operators are mandated to follow the coal mining safety and health regulation, which includes having pre-employment and on-going health assessments for miners. It can’t be denied that the mining sector is a risky one. However, you can still do a lot more to ensure the safety of your team. As much as this benefits your team, you can also expect your mining operations to go more smoothly without a lot of cases on absenteeism, tardiness, and work-related injuries.

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