Kia Is One of the Most Popular Vehicle Brands Amongst Australians

Australia has been known as one car-oriented country. No wonder why more and more people are purchasing their own cars here, especially in places with limited means of public transportation, such as Brisbane. Actually, based on statistics, 92% of households in the country have cars, and KIA is amongst the top 5 most popular brands people purchase. This is due to this reason that this car brand is now offering great makes and models that even come with some form of car service special that makes the purchase more worthwhile.

Here are two of the most popular Kia models Brisbane residents drive:


Cerato has been awarded in 2016 as the “Best Small Car” under a certain price range. Its best selling point is its size and design, which makes it ideal for people with only a small number of passengers. With capped-price servicing, a KIA Cerato service cost ranges from $365 to $471 for a year of service and a total of $2,552 to $3,295 for over 7 years.


An addition to KIA’s best selling models is the Sportage. This model is amongst the most popular vehicles for families. It is known for its convenient size and all-around efficiency. It is also considered a practical choice. KIA Sportage service cost ranges from $392 to $512 for annual maintenance. For the 7-year service, the range runs from $2,742 to $3,580 excluding other services.

The price range may vary depending on the additional services you will need.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Like with purchasing other car brands, buying a Kia requires knowing the things that matter, from the cost to the car service special offered. This is to avoid dissatisfaction afterwards. Your car is supposed to make travelling more comfortable and convenient, and not a cause of your stress.

As one of the cities with spread out land mass, Brisbane is included in the places with many households owning Kia vehicles. Cerato and Sportage are two of the best seller models among the brand’s high-end cars. For some, getting the best services can be a headache. Luckily there is Toowong KIA, a trusted authorised KIA dealer in the city.

Get Your Next Vehicle from Toowong KIA

Toowong KIA is an award-winning business that offers new, used, and demo vehicles. Their top priority is to provide an eccentric array of refined cars that suit your price range and needs.

Aside from that, the company also provides comprehensive services for their car. Their technicians pride themselves on being the best at what they do. Whatever model you buy from them, you can assure yourself of a complete after-service to kepp your unit in top condition. They use genuine KIA parts for your cars to guarantee high quality and efficiency.

They also provide some form of car service special, such as roadside assistance which can be renewed in 8 years, provided that you bring the car on its scheduled annual maintenance check.

Visit their website,, to view their vehicle collection and the KIA service cost they offer.

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