Mercedes recalls 3m diesel cars over emissions problems

Practically every brand-new Mercedes-Benz diesel cars and other vehicles purchased in the UK throughout the past 6 years is being recalled to enhance their emissions efficiency.

Germany’s Daimler, maker of automobiles, stated the procedure to decrease nitrogen oxide (NOx) output, which will cost the business about EUR220m (₤ 195m), would include no charge to owners. Continue reading

Volvo cars to be electric or hybrid by 2019

All brand-new automobiles released by Volvo from 2019 onwards will be partly or totally battery-powered, in exactly what the business called a “historical end” to developing designs that just have an internal combustion engine.

In between 2019 and 2021, the company will present 5 100% electrical designs, and guarantee the rest of its standard gas and diesel variety has a hybrid engine of some type. It is the very first significant producer to make such a vibrant relocation. Continue reading

Why Electric Cars Are Everywhere Except Here, Now

It may appear like there’s more news about electrical cars and trucks recently than real electrical automobiles on the road. Tesla took an action towards ending up being a mass-producer this month when the $35,000 Design 3 sedan began rolling off a California assembly line. Volvo stated it will start phasing out cars and trucks that run simply on nonrenewable fuel sources in 2 years. France prepares to get rid of fuel- and diesel-powered cars totally by 2040. Continue reading